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Carlos Lopez outside the Metropolitan Opera House.
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A Day in the Life
with Carlos Lopez

On May 17, 2010, American Ballet Theatre opened its landmark 70th Anniversary Season at the Metropolitan Opera House. Join ABT Soloist Carlos Lopez as he takes us behind the scenes of this exciting day, culminating in a spectacular Gala performance and a glamorous black tie dinner.

8:30 AM
Good morning. Big day ahead!! I leave my house with my suit for tonight’s dinner. We’ve waited all year for the Met season.

8:35 AM
I take the subway to the theater where I read the newspaper and answer some emails.

9:00 AM
Just got to the Met!! Beautiful day and beautiful theater - What else can you ask for on an opening night gala?

9:30 AM
After setting myself up in the dressing room, I’m going to grab a coffee at the canteen and finish unpacking my theater case. I also have some dressing room laughs with Daniil and Cory:)


9:45 AM
At the Met elevator going to class with Aino Ettala and Maria Riccetto.

I start warming up for Company class in one of the studios. This is the barre that I have been at for many years. Marcelo and Blaine are my barre buddies :)

11:45 AM
After class with Clinton, I have no time for anything so I run to the dressing room. I have to shave, sew my shoes, get a new Met id card and then I'll have only 15 minutes to get into make-up before the spacing rehearsal. Busy day for sure!

12:45 PM
After sewing my shoes backstage with Simone, I’m running to the dressing room to put on my costume for the dress rehearsal of Birthday Offering.

Our dresser Bill is helping me get into costume and will be taking care of our costumes during the Met season.

2:30 PM
Between Birthday Offering and the Company bows, I have time to eat some rice and chicken at my spot and relax a little bit during lunch.

4:00 PM
The rehearsal for tonight’s gala is over and I can have a nap before the show.

5:30 PM
I put my make-up on again and go backstage to warm up with Maria. I get into costume because its show time!!!!

6:30 PM
We are the first in the program so we all wait for the stage call. The nervousness starts a little after I see that Lupe Serrano, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Natalia Makarova, Alessandra Ferri, Martine van Hamel and Frederic Franklin are on the stage giving a speech. It’s very exciting to see such illustrious alumni from American Ballet Theatre together on stage :)

This is a picture I took right before the show with my partner Isabella Boylston :)

7:00 PM
Yeah!!! Birthday Offering went well and I watch the rest of the gala from the wings waiting for the Company bows at the end.

10:30 PM
Having dinner at my table with very nice people and my friend Fernando who is visiting me from Spain. The food is delicious and we end up, of course, on the dance floor.

After a long and exciting day, I get out of the theater to go home. What a day! It was a lot of fun and tomorrow is opening night of La Bayadère. Good night!


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