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ABT Certified Teachers

ABT Certified Teachers have completed intensive training in ABT’s National Training Curriculum, a breakthrough nine-level program that combines high quality artistic training with the basics of dancer health and child development. ABT Certified Teachers are permitted to teach ABT’s National Training Curriculum only to the levels in which they successfully completed the training intensive and pass a thorough examination.

For information on how to become an ABT® Affiliate Teacher, please click here.

Following is a list of teachers certified to teach the ABT National Training Curriculum:

ABT Affiliate Teachers
ABT Certified Teachers in Primary – Level 7
ABT Certified Teachers in Primary – Level 5
ABT Certified Teachers in Primary – Level 3
ABT Certified Teachers in Primary – Level 1

ABT Artistic Board of Examiners
Primary – Level 7

Melissa Allen Bowman (NY)  
    Jenna Bitterman (NY)  
    Richard Bowman (NY)  
    Susan Brooker Couzens (CT)  
  Harriet Clark (NY)  
    Franco De Vita (NY)  
    Risa Kaplowitz (NJ)  
    David Keener (AL)  
    Pamela Levy (NJ)  
    Meghan Love (NY)  
    Raymond Lukens (NY)  

Kate Lydon (NY)  
  Cheryl Madeux-Abbott (MA)  
    Dierdre Miles Burger (FL)  
    Amanda Paterson (ON, Canada)  
  François Perron (NY)  
    Donna Pidel (MD)  
    Dalia Rawson (CA)  
  Flavio Salazar (NY)  
  Johanna Snyder Butow (Belgium)  

denotes former ABT Company members