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Peter J. Sharp Introduction to Dance
Ticket Distribution - Complimentary Ticket Offers

Rules & Regulations

Responsibilities of School

  • Principal must provide knowledge and support of partnership and assign a program coordinator who has appropriate time and position to manage program.

  • In order to maintain or advance their Tier, as described in the Distribution Structure, we require that schools make every effort to ensure that all requested tickets are used.

  • Program Coordinator must provide effective communication between principal, faculty, parents and ABT.

  • Schools agree to utilize all requested tickets. If there are tickets that will not be utilized, the school must let ABT know in a timely manner.

  • Schools must provide an adequate number of chaperones during all visits to the ballet.

Ticket Distribution Guidlines

There are many ways to successfully distribute tickets to your school. Below are a few suggestions.

  • A teacher can distribute the allotted tickets to his/her class. The school will provide buses and teacher chaperones.

  • Tickets may be distributed to arts-based classes.

  • Tickets can be distributed directly to families, one ticket for the student and one for a parent. However, there must be a school representative at the performance.

  • One parent may act as a chaperone for several students whose parents are unable to attend. We suggest no more than five children per parent.

ABT Policies

  • Failure to comply with above responsibilities will result in the school being placed on conditional status, and/or placed in a lower tier (see Distribution Structure).

  • A second offense will result in the removal of the school from the ABT enrollment program.

  • In order to successfully enroll in the program, schools MUST sign and return the Application Form.

For more information, please contact Amanda Tomera, ABT Education Associate:
(212) 477-3030 ext. 1173 | schoolprograms@abt.org

Ticket Distribution Structure

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4
Requirements to maintain tier (% tickets used).
Use more tickets to advance tiers.
76-100% 51-75% 26-50% 0-25%
Maximum number of tickets offered per request 100 50 25 0
Membership to the 890 Club
Priority Seating
Invitation to special events and studio visits at ABT's 890 Broadway studios
*One complimentary Teaching Artist visit to your school
Listing on ABT's website as a member of the 890 Club
Invitation to ABT dress rehearsal for up to 4 teachers
Optional professional development opportunities
Purchase additional tickets at discounted prices (Max 25)
**Mandatory professional development attendance      

*Minimum requirement: school must take at least 75 tickets and use 85+% of them.
Complimentary TA visits can be used to offset costs of residency programs.

**Mandatory for Tier 4 schools to regain ticketing privileges after a one season probation period.

++Upon initial enrollment, schools are placed in Tier 3.

For more information, please contact Amanda Tomera, ABT Education Associate:
(212) 477-3030 ext. 1173 | schoolprograms@abt.org