Music by Morton Gould (American Concertette)
Choreography by Jerome Robbins
Scenery by Oliver Smith
Costumes by Irene Sharaff

World Premiere: Ziegfield Theatre, New York, as part of Billy Rose's Concert Varieties, 6/1/45
Scenery and costumes by Carl Kent
Original Cast: Jerome Robbins, Janet Reed, John Kriza, Muriel Bentley, Michael Kidd, Roszika Sabo, Erik Kristen, Bettina Rosay
ABT Premiere: Metropolitan Opera House, New York, 10/17/45
Cast: John Kriza, Harold Lang, Tommy Rall, Fernando Alonzo, Janet Reed, Melissa Hayden, Muriel Bentley, Roszika Sabo (Ensemble); Harold Lang (Solo); Janet Reed, John Kriza (Pas de Deux)

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