(The Courting at Burnt Ranch)

Music by Aaron Copland
Choreography by Agnes de Mille
Scenery by Oliver Smith
Costumes by Santo Loquasto
Lighting by Thomas Skelton

World Premiere: Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo, Metropolitan Opera House, 10/16/42
Original Cast: Agnes de Mille, Frederic Franklin, Casimir Kokitch, Milada Mladova, Eleanora Marra, Dorothy Etheridge, Ruth Riekman
ABT Premiere: Hessisches Staatstheater, Wiesbaden, Germany, 8/14/50
Costumes by Saul Bolasni
Lighting by Jean Rosenthal
Cast: Allyn McLerie (Cowgirl), John Kriza (Champion Roper), James Mitchell (Head Wrangler), Charlyne Baker (Ranch Owner's Daughter), Ruth Ann Koesun, Paul Lloyd, Dorothy Scott (Her Eastern Friends from Kansas City)

Rodeo, subtitled "The Courting at Burnt Ranch," is a love story of the American Southwest. The problem it deals with is perennial: how an American girl, with the odds seemingly all against her, sets out to get herself a man. The girl in this case is a cowgirl, a tomboy whose desperate efforts to become one of the ranch's cowhands create a problem for the cowboys and make her the laughingstock of womankind.

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