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Stanton Welch was born in Melbourne, Australia. In 1986 he commenced his dance training and, in 1989, was engaged as a dancer with The Australian Ballet. His choreographic career developed during his time as a soloist with The Australian Ballet and, in 1990, their first choreographic commission marked the beginning of a series of commissioned works over the next eleven years with this company, exposing Welch’s diverse choreographic style.

In 1990, Welch created A Time to Dance for the Dancer's Company and Three of Us for The Australian Ballet. Of Blessed Memory (1991) was performed throughout Australia and in The Australian Ballet’s 1992 overseas tour to Italy and the United Kingdom. For this ballet, Welch was voted Best New Choreographer in London for 1992 by readers of the British magazine Dance and Dancers. That same year he was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to study choreography overseas; and he won the NSW Young Achiever Award. In 1993, he created Before the Rain for the Dancers Company tour.

Divergence (1994) premiered with The Australian Ballet and later formed part of an Australian triple bill performed in Washington in their 1995 United States tour. In 1995, his Madame Butterfly received its world premiere with The Australian Ballet and Stanton Welch was appointed one of their two Resident Choreographers. That same year he was commissioned to create Corroboree for The Australian Ballet to perform at “United We Dance” in San Francisco. Welch also choreographed Many Colours Blue for the Dancers Company tour.

In 1996, Welch made his choreographic debut with the San Francisco Ballet who commissioned him to create Maninyas, He returned to The Australian Ballet to create Red Earth, also televised live in a gala performance as part of a triple bill. In 1997, his Cinderella premiered in the opening of The Australian Ballet’s first season in Melbourne, with subsequent performances in Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide.

1998 engagements took Welch away from Australia to choreograph new works in Europe and Britain, making debuts with the Royal Danish ballet with a new pas de deux, Onsket; and the Birmingham Royal Ballet with a new one act ballet, Powder.

In 1999, Welch choreographed new one act ballets for the Houston Ballet (debut) with Indigo; Taiko for the San Francisco Ballet; Ander for the Royal Danish Ballet and X for The Australian Ballet. With a restaging of Maninyas, he made his debut with the Singapore Dance Theatre for performances in Singapore and on their Australian tour. He made his debut with the Colorado Ballet with a restaging of Of Blessed Memory; and in the Fall, Welch restaged his ballets Divergence and Madame Butterfly for The Australian Ballet’s New York tour.

2000 was another year mostly spent in America with the exception of Moscow, where, on Boxing Day, he made his debut with the a new one act ballet, Green for Nina Ananiashvili and principals of the Bolshoi Ballet in a special season created to showcase new works; and in London where he staged A Time to Dance for The Royal Ballet School. Engagements in the United States included the Colorado Ballet’s New York tour, Of Blessed Memory; new one act ballets, The Garden of Mirth for the Atlanta Ballet (debut); Bruiser for the Houston Ballet; and Finger Prints for the Cincinnati Ballet (debut).

In 2001, Welch returned to Moscow to create a new pas de deux for Ananiashvili’s group before returning to the Atlanta Ballet to stage Wild Life (previously titled Corroboree). On to Toronto, Mr. Welch made his debut with the National Ballet of Canada with his production of Madame Butterfly. In New York, further American debuts will be made this year with commissioned one act ballets by American Ballet Theatre, DanceGalaxy, American Ballet Theatre’s Studio Company, and Dance Chamber Project. Restagings include Indigo, the Houston Ballet; Finger Prints, the Fort Worth/Dallas Ballet (debut); and Maninyas for the Singapore Dance Theatre’s tour to France.

Welch continues as a Resident Choreographer for The Australian Ballet where he is delighted to return to restage his production of Divergence.

Clear is Welch’s first work for American Ballet Theatre.
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