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Education & Training
Ask any of our dancers how their journey started when they were young. And it was nurtured. Developed. Supported. Given room to grow and blossom into the passion it is today. These are the keys to the future generations of dancers and dance aficionados. A seed that is planted. An imagination, captured. One of ABT’s main missions is to ensure that the traditions of dance and movement are sustained and carried on. Through exposure and celebration, education and training.
The following pages contain information on American Ballet Theatre's nationally recognized education and training programs:

Training Programs for Dancers:
  • The Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School
    • ABT Studio Company
    • Pre-Professional Division
    • Children's Division

  • ABT Summer Intensives
    • New York and Regional Summer Intensives
    • DanceBermuda
    • Collegiate Summer Intensive
    • The Young Dancer Workshop
Programs for Dance Educators:
Programs for Public and Private Schools:
  • Make A Ballet
  • Ticket Distribution
  • Port Washington Program
  • Young Peoples Ballet Workshop
  • Ballet for the New Audience
Programs for Families:
  • ABTKids
  • Pre-performance Workshops
  • Discount Tickets
  • Student Rush Policy