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Children's Division Open Audition and Trial Classes

Auditions are required for Levels 1A and above.

All new students interested in enrolling in Levels 1A and above (ages 8-12) must participate in a Children’s Division open audition. Upon acceptance to the program, students are placed into the appropriate level by the artistic faculty.

Next Open Auditions & Trial Classes

There are currently no open auditions or trial classes scheduled.
Interested students for Levels 1A through 3 should email jkochildren@abt.org.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do the open auditions and trial classes take place?
A: All Children’s Division open auditions and trial classes will take place at the ABT JKO School, 890 Broadway between 19th and 20th Streets at the Lawrence A. Wein Center for Dance and Theatre.

Q: Do I need to pre-register for the audition or the trial classes?
A: Pre-registration is recommended but is not required for the open audition. Pre-registration is required for all trial classes as space is limited

Q: How do I pre-register?
A. All pre-registration takes place online. Pre-registration will open in late spring 2016.

Q. What do I wear?
A. Girls: Girls should wear full-length pink tights and a solid color leotard with ballet slippers.
Boys: Boys should wear white leotard or t-shirt, black shorts or black tights and ballet slippers.

Q: Does it cost anything to audition?
A: Yes. There is a $15 fee to audition for the ABT JKO School Children’s Division and there is a $5 registration fee for the Primary Level trial classes. If you do not pre-register for the audition, the fee can be paid the day of via cash, credit card or check made payable to American Ballet Theatre.

Q: What should I bring with me to the audition?
A: All dancers should bring with them an informal headshot (does not need to be professional) and the $15 audition fee. Dancers who attend the trial class do not need to bring any photos.

Q: What will be required of me at the open audition?
A: The open audition will include a full technique class (barre, center and across the floor).

Q. When will I be notified of acceptance?
A. Students who audition for Levels 1A and above of the Children’s Division will be notified of acceptance or rejection within one week of the open audition via email. Upon acceptance, students will also be informed of their level for the upcoming school year. All results are final.

Students who attend the trial classes will not receive any type of formal acceptance to the program; the class is an opportunity for prospective students to learn about our program offerings and meet our staff and faculty. Families who participate in the trial classes will be emailed registration information, pending availability in the program.

Q: Can I submit a video audition?
A: No. Students who wish to be considered for the Children’s Division at the ABT JKO School must attend one of the scheduled open auditions at ABT to be seen by the Artistic Faculty.

Q. Who do I contact if I have any questions?
A. Email jkochildren@abt.org or call Katherine Currier at the ABT JKO School Hotline at 212-477-3030 ext. 3339.