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The ABT® Affiliate Teacher

The ABT® Affiliate Teacher is a level of distinction for ABT® Certified Teachers that successfully present their students for examinations.

All ABT® Certified Teachers are eligible to present their students for examination at the end of the academic school year. Once a teacher presents his/her students, and 75% of his/her students pass, the teacher then becomes an ABT® Affiliate Teacher. ABT Affiliate Teachers must present a minimum of 12 students biannually for examination to maintain their status.

To have an adjudicator visit your school, we recommend that you present a minimum of 3 classes, in any level. It is also possible to present students for examination at ABT’s headquarters in New York. An adjudicator will observe and evaluate the students in a class that is prepared in advance, and taught, by their ABT® Certified Teacher. Affiliate examination Guidelines and Class Plans will be provided to ABT® Certified Teachers upon request.

Exam Lengths and Fees per student:
Levels Primary,1 and 2:
Level 3:
Levels 4 and 5:
Levels 6 and 7:
  60 minute class, $50
90-minute class, $65
2 hour class, $75
2 hour class, $85

Please Note: The minimum student examination fee per class is:
  Levels Primary, 1 and 2:
Level 3:
Levels 4 – 7:

However if the total student examination fees exceed the minimum fee per class, it would be reflected on the total invoice.
Additional exam fees that will be invoiced to the school include:
*Transportation costs for the examiner, such as airfare or train fare.
*Hotel accommodations for the examiner.

Students can pass successfully on 4 levels: pass, pass with merit, pass with honors, pass with high honors. This process will be reevaluated/ revised on an ongoing basis. Students must wear the International Dance Supply ABT Academy Uniform at the exam. Teachers and studio owners can set up an account through IDS at: http://www.idsdance.com/BrowseCustom/USA/ABT/Academy_Uniform. Parents can purchase the uniform at: http://www.danceandshop.com/BrowseCustom/DanceAndShop/ABT_Academy_Uniform

To set up an examination for your students, please download the ABT Affiliate examination request form, click here, and either email the completed form to curriculum@abt.org or mail it to Molly Schnyder, Director of Training Programs, American Ballet Theatre, 890 Broadway, New York, NY 10003. For questions please call 212-477-3030 ext. 1169.

Please be aware that examination scheduling is subject to the availability of the adjudicators.

For more information on how to become an ABT® Certified Teacher, click here.