Miriam Traores
P.S. 206M

If I can speak, I can sing.
If I can walk, I can dance.
All I have to do is kick, step,
Turn, hop, jump, reach, clap, and
Wiggle. Fast or slow? Listen to
the music. The rhythm will tell
me how to move. I can dance alone
with a friend, or with a whole bunch
of people. Dancing is a way of
celebrating. There are dances that
celebrate the season. To me
dances from the old countries
were brought to the new world.
I dress up to dance in my
Traditional clothes. I dance
in my parents’ foot steps. Over
time, dances change. There are
dances for men and dances
for women. Animals dance. Puppets
dance. There are country dances
and city dances, There are
dances that tell stories. Dance
to make you happy and to make
you move.
Anslem Cambridge
P.S. 208K

Dancing is a bird
Graceful, Special, Unique
Its bones are rhythm.
Without them, it cannot glide.
Its wings are music
Without them, it cannot fly.

Dancing is a sea
Fast, Wild, Strong
Dancing is as fast as lightning
But as quiet as still water
Dancing is as slow as a turtle
But loud as the thunder roars.

Dancing can change
Into anything and everything
When the music is fast
It is wild like a tiger
But when the music is slow
It is calm like a fish.
Ashley Eivers
P.S. 193Q

Music of the world is here not just the flutes that toot
  Or the drums that boom
The music is everywhere
    In the spring you hear
      The chirps or the pitter-patter of the rain
Everything in spring has a sort a ring that makes me
  dance and sing
    In the summer you hear a splash, splash, splash
It’s so cool you throw a pool party bash
kid scream yeahhh
There’s a sort of ring that makes me dance and
sing in the summer
      Fall, Fall
Fall is a ball
leaves that crunch
          rickkkkk The sound of the rake
Jump, Jump into the pile
      Fall has a sort a ring that makes me dance and sing
          Winter that Winter, that brrrrrrrrr of the cold
        The laughter of children, the slurping of soup
Winter has a sort of a ring that makes me dance and sing
            The music all around us

Charlotte Blackman
P.S. 24X

Dance is when Earth holds me in her hands
And we sway and jump and dream
and wake up in the meadow.
In the meadow we see the smiles sing,
the laughs leap
and the happiness hops.
I join in. Earth does too.

Dance is when our hands clap and our feet tap.
When our hearts sing and our bodies fling.
When all our legs move to the same groove.
When the whole meadow is alive.

Dance is when we come back from the meadow
  and Earth sets me down
and I dance
    Dance is when we’re happy


Nicole Ousmanova
P.S. 24X

Is a part of ME
Helping in my struggles
Breaking the barriers
That surround me…
Is the key
That opens the door of light
Before you feel it
You are dark like night
In the shadows of routine
And no desire
We can’t survive
We need a fire,
My heart was frozen solid
As an ice cube…
My world was full of darkness
But then I saw the light
There was that fire
Warming in my heart…
And then I knew
That dance is love…
It brings the world of color
To my life


Azure Gao
P.S. 24X

I stretch my arms
Like a flamingo spreading its wings.
I run in a straight line
Like an eagle soaring.
I sway from side to side
Like a seagull gliding.

I see azure blue skies
I feel gentle breeze against my wings
I touch fluffy white clouds
I skip over the turquoise sea

“Soar like an eagle!”
I hear my grandparents cheer
As they watch me dance for them.

I promise to return the next summer
Like a migrant bird.

I promise to return the next summer
Like a migrant bird.

I stretch my arms
Like a flamingo spreading its wings.
I run in a straight line
Like an eagle soaring.
I wave my arms up and down
Like a seagull gliding.

I practice
For the next summer
When I can dance like a bird
For my dear grandparents
Who live on the other side of the earth.


Sylvia Kohn-Levitt
P.S. 24X

A frenzy of clapping, singing, stomping, laughing, spinning

One body of movement

Weaving dance into life
A sudden burst of noise on the playground to set us all off,
A piece of jangling gold jewelry, a foot stomp or two,
  A giggle of joy
Weaving life into dance
All the feet that could have danced here before,
  All the tribes, all the groups,
  All the life,

Bodies leaping, arms curved,
Weaving dance into life
Weaving life into dance

Nazrin Akther
P.S. 315K

With my feet
Dancing to joy
Running from fear
Hiding from the truth
The future lies ahead.
People pushing me
To my future
To my life
Time passing by
Making death come near
I sleep
They wake me up
I fall
They catch me
They are always there,
My parents, teachers,
Family, and friends
I move with my feet
Using help
Going in one direction
Using influence
Going on
With a motivation of…
Friends and Family
The future
And death
With help of…
Love and care
Using my feet



Avril Simon
P.S. 208K

A beat starts,
My body moves to the beat,
It flows into a dance,
It’s like a contagious disease running through
You making you move till it’s complete,
You get excited and your body makes a pattern,
The pattern flows to the beat then flows
Through your body,
I start to throw ripples,
A routine it becomes,
A dance with no end,
The beat takes control,
It takes you over,
It makes you move to and fro,
You feel your body starting to twist, turn, flip and go,
When I am through my body and soul are happy and whole.


Krystian Siek
P.S. 163K

Bounce on the floor.

Expand in your space.

Anchor your shape.

Take a bow.



Sana Sajid
P.S. 206K

Dance for an early morning rise…
  Stretch out for the sky
as far as your arms can go
Bend down and reach for your toes
Now stand up
    Clap your hands
          Twist and turn wiggle and giggle
Stretch out for the sky
as far as your arms can go
Bend down and reach for your toes
    Now Stand up
          Clap your hands
                  Wave out your arms
To a good
New Day

Tracy Tse
P.S. 206K

Reasons to Dance and Move

The drum beats loudly,
And your feet moves,
Tapping and clicking to the music.

Someone’s love one passed away,
And you cheer her up,
By moving to a song.

A party is held,
To pipe up the spirit,
And your body can’t resist the enjoyment.

A sad memory dawns over you,
Leaving you unhappy,
And you honor the memory by moving.

All these reasons,
Are similar and alike,
They make you do one thing.

It is dancing and moving,
All these reasons describe,
That makes your feelings grow.

So if you’re ever sad or happy,
If you want to express your feelings,
One thing you can do, is move


Kyon Cherri Kitt
P.S. 37M

  Hear the music
  Feel the beat
  Move your arms
  Move your feet
  Stomp and clap
  Turn and twist
  Make your soul
  Come to this
  Move like the wind
  Jump to the music
  Side to Side
  Up and down
  Jumping while moving all around
  Hearing the beat of my heart
  Imagining me in space
  Jumping all around
  With Gravity floating me away


Jelaya Stewart
M.S. 142


That Beat Just hit your foot
It’s making your heart beat
You can feel that music Beating
Your heart
As you think of the music you speak
But somehow the words the way
You wanted to
Then that music makes you speak
It makes you get up
Because it’s Beating your heart
You can’t take it anymore so
You Move
You Dance
You lose yourself in the beat
The loud music makes your heart
You Jump up and you start to feel
It you start to get the courage
To Dance
Your feet are vibrating you
That music takes you.