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Boys & Girls Clubs of America
Project Plié, in partnership with Boys & Girls Clubs of America, will introduce ballet to a broad array of children by conducting educational and activity-based master classes in member clubs across the United States.

These classes will serve to identify gifted children and connect them with ABT Project PliƩ Partner Teachers, schools or companies in their community to receive world-class training.

In 2014, the pilot program was launched in 27 Boys & Girls Clubs across the nation. Since 2014, this partnership has grown exponentially. This year, Project Plié partner teachers held classes at 43 Boys & Girls Clubs and reached 991 students across the United States, 68 of which have been offered full-time training.

For more information about the Project Plié partnership with Boys & Girls Clubs of America, please contactDiversity and Inclusion for Education and Training Coordinator Emily Wolfe at ewolfe@abt.org.

American Ballet Theatre thanks the following ABT National Training Curriculum Certified Teachers and Project Plié Partner Companies for their participation in our national 2016 Master Class Series at select Boys & Girls Clubs of America:

Jamie Kilgore
Alabama School of Fine Arts
Birmingham, Alabama

José Carayol
RC Dance Center
Burbank, California

Sarah Jones
ABT William J. Gillespie School
Costa Mesa, California

Kim Maselli
California Dance Theatre
Agoura Hills, California

Dalia Rawson
The New Ballet School
San Jose, California

Robin Stuyverson
Wildwood Ballet
Tallahassee, Florida

Randee Workowski
Orlando Ballet School
Orlando, Florida

Daniela Malta Sabbath
Portland School of Ballet
Portland, Maine

Kristen Stevenson
Ballet Nouveau
Baltimore, Maryland

Karen Carberry
Nancy Chippendale's Dance Studios
North Andover, Massachusetts

Karen Mills Jennings
Flint School of Performing Arts
Flint, Michigan

Olga Olson
Ballet Detroit
Detroit, Michigan

Sonia Jones
Covenant Ballet Theatre of Brooklyn
Brooklyn, New York

Paige Levine
Putnam Dance Center
Mahopac, New York

Charlotte Perebinossoff
Teaching Artist
New York, New York

Richard Toda
American Ballet Theatre
New York, New York

Carolyn Zettel-Augustyn
Classical School of Ballet LI
North Valley Stream, New York

Angie Wells
Brevard Ballet School
Brevard, North Carolina

Camille Izard Morris
Oakwood Ballet
Dayton, Ohio

Julie Sunderland
Cincinnati Ballet
Cincinnati, Ohio

Walker Martin
The Dance Center of Oklahoma City Ballet
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Kari Gonthier
Ballet 180
Paoli, Pennsylvania

Lori Lahnemann
Philadelphia Dance Academy
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Ballet Memphis
Memphis, Tennessee

Briona Richardson
Nashville Ballet
Nashville, Tennessee

Yvonne Guajardo
Dancentre of Edinburg
Edinburg, Texas

Danielle Campbell Steans
San Antonio Ballet School
San Antonio, Texas

Allison Wolsey
Wasatch Ballet Conservatory
Provo, Utah

Tara Penick
Richmond Ballet
Richmond, Virginia

Richmond Ballet
Richmond, Virginia

Sally Tierney
Just Dance
Alexandria, Virginia

Rachel Cutforth
Vibe Dance Studio
Everett, Washington

Angela Robinson
Dance Premier
Issaquah, Washington

Summer Logan
Jeslyn Performing Arts Center
Huntington, West Virginia


For specific Master Class dates and times, please contact Diversity and Inclusion for Education and Training Coordinator Emily Wolfe at ewolfe@abt.org.