Eros retaliates by shooting Sylvia. Shaken, she removes the arrow from her heart and leaves with her companions.
Orion enters and gloats over the body of Aminta. He is interrupted by the return of Sylvia who, having been pierced to the heart by Eros' arrow, now mourns the dead Aminta. Emerging from his hiding place, Orion captures Sylvia and carries her off to his island cave.
A peasant, having witnessed Sylvia's abduction, calls his friend back and they too weep over Aminta's body. A strange, cloaked figure appears among them, and they ask him for his help. He picks a flower from the nearby bush and pressing the petals to Aminta's lips, brings him back to life. Aminta thanks the stranger who then tells him of Sylvia's abduction. As the peasants find her bow the stranger reveals himself as Eros and sends Aminta in search of Sylvia.
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