Torquato Tasso
“All time is truly lost and gone
Which is not spent in serving love”
- Aminta, Act I (1573)
The ballet Sylvia is inspired by the remarkable pastoral play, Aminta, written in 1573 by one of the most famous poets of his generation, Torquato Tasso. Born in Sorrento, Italy in March 1544, Tasso was the son of Bernardo Tasso, a nobleman of Bergamo, who served for many years as secretary in service to the prince of Salerno. As a young man, Torquato Tasso was educated by Jesuits at the Court of the Dukes of Urbino and later studied law and philosophy at the University of Padua. At age 18, he produced a narrative poem called Rinaldo, which showed such striking originality that its author was proclaimed the most promising poet of his time. He later received an invitation to join the brilliant Court of the Este family at Ferrara, where he remained for many years.
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