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Meet the Crew

Production Management

July 14, 2020 at 12:00 pm

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Meet the Crew

Go behind-the-scenes and “Meet the Crew,” a weekly feature on the departments who help build and create the magic on stage for American Ballet Theatre.

Production Management

At ABT, the Production Management team oversee everything in the Production Department, which gets every ballet set up and running in all locations.  Needless to say these jobs cover an enormous about to work, logistics and responsibility!

James Whitehill, Director of Production, Vincent Roca, Production Manager and Richard Koch, Technical Director, are ABT’s current Production Management team! As they all work together to make sure every ballet is ready for stage, budgets are maintained and daily operations are properly functioning; they divide the specific responsibilities amongst the three jobs.

For the Director of Production, the main focus and specialty is working on new ballets and rentals.  ABT excels at produces new ballets regularly but it is no easy feat! They work with set and costume designers and scenic shops to make sure all the designs come to life properly for ABT’s use. They oversee all of the creations and managing the budgets.  If a ballet is being rented from another company, they will make sure all of the dimensions and logistics will translate for our use, if not they will work with the teams to have sets remade to fit our needs.

The Production Manager works closely with all the production crew (Stage Managers, Carpenters, Electrics, Props, Wigs and Makeup, and Wardrobe) to help execute everyday functions.  With detailed schedules, meeting and endless notations ‘they are able to help with daily functions, getting theaters set up promptly and recording everything needed with in that production to have on records.  The Production Manager is also responsible for the production crews overall budget and expenses.

ABT’s Technical Director will work with more specific logistics pertaining to travel plans and setting up the stage.  As a touring company, we are constantly shipping and receiving materials, the Technical Director will plan, organize and schedule every transition throughout the year. They will also draft stage plans and hanging plans of every venue being performed at so the carpenters and electrics team can accurately set the sets, lights and drops up.

These three positions consider all of the finest details, organize, plan and trouble shoot any mishaps needed for every ballet in every location performed in around the world to ensure a flawless performance!