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Summer Intensive

The ABT Summer Intensive Program

“The mission of ABT’s Summer Intensive is to cultivate a universal understanding of the art form at its highest level, emphasizing not only the importance of high quality and brilliant technique, but also dance as an expressive vehicle to create art.”
-Kevin McKenzie, Artistic Director


American Ballet Theatre’s Summer Intensive has earned a reputation for being the most thorough and rewarding dance experience a student can have during the summer. Under the supervision of ABT’s Artistic Director Kevin McKenzie and Artistic Director of Summer Intensives Kate Lydon, the program offers top quality teachers and master guest teachers that are dedicated to the learning process and growth of each individual student. Class size will be limited. Students participate in a minimum of four classes per day with ABT’s renowned faculty, and enjoy a comprehensive curriculum that includes exposure to ABT artists, history and repertory. The ABT Summer Intensive focuses on developing well-rounded dancers by exposure to a wide variety of disciplines with an emphasis on classical ballet technique and key elements of ABT’s National Training Curriculum.

The curriculum of the 2017 ABT Summer Intensive will include both high level technique classes and lecture courses on subjects critical to the development of a complete dancer. ABT’s teaching philosophy is to create dancers that are versatile rather than stylized, who are thus prepared to work with any company. Classes for the 2017 Summer Intensive may include:

Ballet Technique
Men’s Technique
Men’s Variations
Acting for Dancers/Mime
Musical Theater
Dance History
Meet the Artist
Injury Prevention

Though some lecture offerings may vary by site, the daily structure and curriculum of all Summer Intensive programs is identical. Students take a minimum of four classes per day, consisting of daily technique and pointe, followed by the supplemental classes listed above. In addition, dancers may have rehearsals on occasional evenings for a final performance showcasing selections from ABT’s repertoire.

ABT's 2017 Summer Intensive students will be exposed to a level of training unmatched by any other summer program. The faculty will consist of ABT artistic staff, ABT alumni, guest teachers and accomplished pianists. Summer Intensive instructors include:

KATE LYDON, Artistic Director of ABT Studio Company and Summer Intensives
KEVIN McKENZIE, ABT Artistic Director

Elizabeth Aymong, Director, Summer Intensive
Naomi Gewanter, Summer Intensive Manager
Amber Bennett, Summer Intensive Assistant

American Ballet Theatre has a limited number of full and partial scholarships to the 2017 Summer Intensive. All students are considered for merit-based scholarships. There is no application process. American Ballet Theatre will notify scholarship recipients at the time of acceptance.

ABT National Training Scholar Program:
The goal of the National Training Program is to encourage young dancers to continue their dance training and complete their academic education in their home communities. To accomplish this goal, ABT awards scholarships to a small number of promising young dancers, ages 12-18, after participating in the ABT Summer Intensive. Scholarships cover the full cost of Summer Intensive tuition, as well as a portion of students’ summer housing and year-round training expenses. The dancers are required to attend the Summer Intensive program again the following summer. There is no application process for this program. National Training Scholars are chosen each year from the student body of the ABT Summer Intensives, and are notified by mail after the Nominating Committee meets in the Fall.

2016-2017 National Training Scholars:
We are pleased to announce the following recipients of this year’s National Training Program Scholarships:

Sarah Adkins, Madison Brown, Arianna Crosato Neumann, Sheridan Guerin, Spencer Lenain, Juliet Marinello, Chloe Misseldine, Andrew Robare, Eric Snyder, Veridy Treu

Congratulations to them all!

ABT Summer Intensive Alumni have gone on to have successful careers with American Ballet Theatre and ABT's Studio Company.

Isabella Boylston (Principal), Misty Copeland (Principal), David Hallberg (Principal), Devon Teuscher (Principal), Skylar Brandt (Soloist), Joseph Gorak (Soloist), Blaine Hoven (Soloist), Calvin Royal III (Soloist), Craig Salstein (Soloist), Arron Scott (Soloist), Cassandra Trenary (Soloist), Roman Zhurbin (Soloist), Alexandra Basmagy (Corps de Ballet), Hanna Bass (Corps de Ballet), Aran Bell (Corps de Ballet), Lauren Bonfiglio (Corps de Ballet), Kathryn Boren (Corps de Ballet), Claire Davison (Corps de Ballet), Brittany DeGrofft (Corps de Ballet), Scout Forsythe (Corps de Ballet), Patrick Frenette (Corps de Ballet), April Giangeruso (Corps de Ballet), Breanne Granlund (Corps de Ballet), Melanie Hamrick (Corps de Ballet), Courtlyn Hanson (Corps de Ballet), Connor Holloway (Corps de Ballet), Catherine Hurlin (Corps de Ballet), Anabel Katsnelson (Corps de Ballet), Erica Lall (Corps de Ballet), Carolyn Lippert (Corps de Ballet), Isadora Loyola (Corps de Ballet), Tyler Maloney (Corps de Ballet), Hannah Marshall (Corps de Ballet), Betsy McBride (Corps de Ballet), Kaho Ogawa (Corps de Ballet), Lauren Post (Corps de Ballet), Gabe Stone Shayer (Corps de Ballet), Courtney Shealy (Corps de Ballet), Nathan Vendt (Corps de Ballet), Paulina Waski (Corps de Ballet), Katherine Williams (Corps de Ballet), Remy Young (Corps de Ballet), Sierra Armstrong (Apprentice), Zimmi Coker (Apprentice), Luigi Crispino (Apprentice), Virginia Lensi (Apprentice), Simon Hoke (Studio Company)