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American Ballet Theatre has served the world as a major cultural institution for 79 years. Since our founding in 1939, ABT has showcased the world’s finest choreographers, artists, and performances that have both upheld the traditions of classical ballet and pushed the artistic envelope of contemporary dance. We at ABT are proud of the rich history of this Company and we want to share it with you.

Teeming with information, the following pages are your resource. Explore the ABT Repertory Archives, broaden your knowledge of ballet terms with our Ballet Dictionary, and immerse yourself in the legacy of classical dance that ABT is dedicated to preserving and extending.

Dover Publications has graciously allowed the use of the Ballet Dictionary terms herein from the Technical Manual and Dictionary of Classical Ballet. Our Ballet Dictionary is intended to serve as an accessible introduction to ballet, although it cannot replace the learning opportunities of an intense study and training in ballet.

American Ballet Theatre expresses gratitude to ABT JKO School Dance History teacher Allison Eggers for her contributions towards the maintenance of the Repertory Archive.