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The Journey of a "Super"

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Harriet Clark with the Harlequinade Supers . Rosalie O'Connor.
Harriet Clark with the Harlequinade Supers . Rosalie O'Connor.

The opportunity to perform with American Ballet Theatre at the Met is such a rewarding experience for our students in so many ways.  It offers young dancers and students the chance to work and perform in an extremely professional atmosphere.  They are exposed to great artists in a way that no audience member is, and have the extraordinary occasion to perform with the accompaniment of a live orchestra. They can see first-hand all the work that goes into presenting productions of the magnitude that American Ballet Theatre does – the dancers’ sweat, the backstage organization – stage managers, wardrobe, wigs, make-up; the choreographers’ work – and of course the get to perform!  In all, it is a truly magical experience, and one that students are not likely to forget.


Harriet Clark

Principal Teacher, JKO Children’s Division

ABT Children’s Ballet Mistress