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Jardin aux Lilas

Repertory Archive

Jardin aux Lilas

(Lilac Garden)

Choreography by Antony Tudor
Music by Ernest Chausson (Poème)
Sets and Costumes by Peter Cazalet


Previous Credits
Costumes by  Raymond Sovey
after sketches by Hugh Stevenson
Scenery and Lighting by Tom Lingwood

As of 1990
Costumes by Hugh Stevenson
Scenery by Zack Brown
Lighting by Jennifer Tipton

World Premiere

Ballet Rambert
January 26, 1936
Mercury Theatre
London, England

Maude Lloyd
Hugh Laing
Antony Tudor
Peggy van Praagh

ABT Premiere

January 15, 1940
The Center Theatre
New York, New York

Viola Essen (Caroline)
Hugh Laing (Her Lover)
Antony Tudor (The Man She Must Marry)
Karen Conrad (An Episode in His Past)


Caroline, about to enter upon a marriage of convenience, attends a farewell party to precede the ceremony. Among the guests are the man she really loves and the woman who, unknown to her, has been her fiancé’s mistress. Quick meetings and interrupted confidences culminate with Caroline leaving on the arm of her betrothed, never having satisfied the desperate longing for the final kiss.