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Napoli Divertissements

Repertory Archive

Napoli Divertissements

Choreography by August Bournonville
Staged by Hans Brenaa
Music by Holger Paulli, Edvard Helsted and Niels Gade
Costumes by Marcos Paredes
Lighting by Nananne Porcher

World Premiere

(complete ballet)
Royal Danish Ballet
March 29, 1842
Royal Theatre
Copenhagen, Denmark

Caroline Fjelstead
August Bournonville

ABT Premiere

American Ballet Theatre Workshop
February 20, 1963
Lisner Auditorium
Washington, D.C.

Susan Borree, Eleanor D’Antuono, Gail Israel, Fern MacLarnon, Melinda Plank, Bruce Marks, Richard Beaty, Ted Kivitt, Richard Wagner, Gayle Young