Meet the Crew

June 2, 2020 at 12:00 pm

Meet the Crew

Go behind-the-scenes and “Meet the Crew,” a weekly feature on the departments who help build and create the magic on stage for American Ballet Theatre.

Hair and Makeup Department

ABT’s Hair and Makeup Department is responsible for maintaining and executing the integrity of all hair and makeup designs for each character in every ballet.  In order to achieve this, the team is responsible for styling, preparing and organizing all of the wigs, hair pieces, facial hair, hair styles, prosthetics, character makeups and products prior to and throughout the performances.

The Hair and Makeup team is a minimum of two and can go up to 14 for their largest production (which is currently Ratmansky’s The Sleeping Beauty). Hair and Makeup Supervisor, Rena Most and Assistant Hair and Makeup Supervisor, Jill Haley Gugliuzza, work and travel with ABT full time and are also responsible for keeping inventory, packing for tour and teaching teams around the world for their upcoming performances. They have both worked with ABT full time since 2015.

Fun Facts

Wigs in ABT's Wig Stock.
Maximum minutes available to do a character's hair and makeup, even for the most complicated designs.
Different kinds of hair pins used on a regular basis. We also help ensure that hats and headpieces never fall off during a performance!