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ABTKids Daily

Week of April 13-17, 2020

Photo: Gene Schiavone.
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Experience the excitement of classical ballet at home with ABTKids Daily!

Welcome to ABTKids Daily, American Ballet Theatre’s new home for families and educators to discover digital content for their virtual classrooms.  Join us each day to Meet an ABT Dancer, engage with an ABT Teaching Artist, learn fun facts and enjoy ballet-themed activities from the comfort of your own home.

As America’s National Ballet Company®, ABT is dedicated to preserving and extending the great legacy of classical dancing, through exciting performances and educational programming of the highest quality, presented to the widest possible audience.

Join us each Monday morning to bring the joy of classical ballet to your family. A weekly curriculum will be posted for your discovery!


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Explore this week’s materials below or view the archive here.

Week of April 13-17, 2020

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Photo: Gene Schiavone.
Photo: Gene Schiavone.

Meet a Dancer Monday

This week meet ABT Principal Dancer Hee Seo!

Learn About Hee
Reading Comprehension – Take the Hee Seo Quiz!

See how well you know Hee Seo!

Teaching Artist Tuesday

Join Mr. Jeff, Ms. Alexis and Mr. Richard as they introduce you to one of ABT’s fabulous ballets. Learn a dance, stop and sketch, and don’t forget to have fun!

The 7 Movements of Classical Ballet

Listening Comprehension – Take the Movements Quiz!

Test Your Knowledge of the 7 Movements!

For each movement, enter the letter of the correct definition:

A. To Bend
B. To Rise
C. To Dart
D. To Jump
E. To Glide
F. To Stretch
G. To Turn















What's Up Wednesday

Did you know that ABT is celebrating its 80th Anniversary this year?  ABT was founded in 1940 and quickly emerged on the American cultural landscape with a new unique vision of a ballet company that functioned like an art museum!

Fun Fact:  American Ballet Theatre was originally called “Ballet Theatre” and didn’t add the “American” until the 1950’s at the request of President Eisenhower.

This is the first advertisement and Playbill program for the Company’s first season in 1940.

Does it look any different than advertisements today?


Use this timeline to journey through Eight Decades of American Ballet Theatre.

View Timeline

Extra Credit

Can you create a timeline of your own dance journey?

Throwback Thursday

Every Thursday we pull a photo from our archives and share it with one of our ABT dancers. You never know what stories may come from a single snapshot!

Photo: Rosalie O'Connor.
Photo: Rosalie O'Connor.

Zimmi Coker
ABT Corps de Ballet
Joined ABT as Apprentice in 2017

“This photo goes way back to my second summer intensive with ABT, where I was a National Training Scholar. Being able to perform a small solo in Jardin Animé, with my mom, my friends and the ABT Artistic staff watching, felt surreal but also nerve-wracking. A couple days prior to the show, some of us from a few different levels in the summer program received a letter asking us to attend a mini ‘audition.’ I remember walking in the room that was filled with artistic staff members from ABT’s main Company and also the ABT JKO School. I was so nervous and flustered to be dancing in a room with so many knowledgeable eyes watching me! Before the show, I found out that I had received a full scholarship to the JKO School for the following semester. I felt extremely nervous before the show because of the extra pressure I put on myself to impress those important people watching me. I wanted to prove to them that I belong here and that I would be honored to be a part of this incredible company I had dreamt about since I was 11 years old.”

View More Photos of Zimmi!

Writing Prompt

Describe a time when you were nervous or scared on the inside, but had to be calm and cool on the outside.

Funtime Friday

Name the countries where ABT’s dancers were born!

ABT 's dancers come from all over the world, drawn to ABT for its repertoire, artistry and camaraderie. This season, ABT's dancers hail from 14 countries and 25 states, plus Washington, D.C.!

(56 dancers)

(5 dancers)

(5 dancers)

(2 dancers)

(2 dancers)

(3 dancers)

(3 dancers)

(3 dancers)

(3 dancers)

(1 dancer)

(2 dancers)

(2 dancers)

(2 dancers)

(2 dancers)

ABT JKO School Virtual Classes

@ABTSchool offers virtual classes taught by former ABT dancers, ABT JKO School faculty and ABT teaching artists – all certified in the ABT National Training Curriculum.

These classes will engage ABT’s youngest students and their families, as well as the global community at large, by exploring musicality, fostering creativity and imagination, and teaching ballet fundamentals.

Mon & Wed @2:00pm: Primary (Ages 5-8)
Tue & Thu @10:00am: ABTots (Ages 2-4)

Live @ABTSchoolYouTube Archive

Photo: Richard Corman.