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Week of May 11-15, 2020

Photo: Gene Schiavone.
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Experience the excitement of classical ballet at home with ABTKids Daily!

Welcome to ABTKids Daily, American Ballet Theatre’s new home for families and educators to discover digital content for their virtual classrooms.  Join us each day to Meet an ABT Dancer, engage with an ABT Teaching Artist, learn fun facts and enjoy ballet-themed activities from the comfort of your own home.

As America’s National Ballet Company®, ABT is dedicated to preserving and extending the great legacy of classical dancing, through exciting performances and educational programming of the highest quality, presented to the widest possible audience.

Join us each Monday morning to bring the joy of classical ballet to your family. A weekly curriculum will be posted for your discovery!


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Week of May 11-15, 2020

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Meet a Dancer Monday

This week meet Principal Dancer Herman Cornejo!

What A Puzzle!

Photo: Rosalie O’Connor.

Teaching Artist Tuesday

Join Mr. Jeff, Ms. Alexis and Mr. Richard as they introduce you to one of ABT’s fabulous ballets. Learn a dance, stop and sketch, and don’t forget to have fun!

Why is ABT Like a Library?

What's Up Wednesday

ABT Repertoire

This week we celebrate American Ballet Theatre’s 80th Anniversary with a look at some of the most influential ballets in the Company’s repertoire.

Test your skill and see how fast you match photos from “Then” and “Now”!

ABT Then and Now Memory Match Game

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    Throwback Thursday

    Mother's Day Edition

    Every Thursday we pull a photo from our archives and share it with one of our ABT dancers. You never know what stories may come from a single snapshot!

    Photo: Erin Baiano.
    Photo: Erin Baiano.

    Chloe Misseldine
    ABT Apprentice
    Joined ABT in 2019

    “This photo was taken last year when I performed the Don Quixote pas de deux as a member of ABT Studio Company. This ballet is very special to me because it was my first full classical pas de deux I have ever performed on stage. When first learning this piece, I remember being so anxious yet so excited to tackle this challenge. Rehearsing in the studio for endless hours and working to develop the Spanish character was so rewarding. I was especially fortunate to have coaches like Gillian Murphy, Stella Abrera, Sascha Radetsky and Ethan Stiefel who have guided me through this process.

    I feel this role really pushed me to the next level. Not only the technical aspect, but artistically I have matured and developed as a performer by playing the role of Kitri. Her fiery personality and style are like no other. I hope to dance this ballet again in the future as it holds so many fond memories.

    Photo: Rosalie O'Connor.
    Photo: Rosalie O'Connor.

    Yan Chen
    ABT Faculty (and ABT Mother)
    Joined ABT 1993, Promoted to Soloist 1994, Retired 2001

    Kenneth McMillan’s Romeo and Juliet is one of my favorite ballets. I just love the daunting rich music, the drama, and the intricate, passionate pas de deux. This photo was taken by my fellow ABT dancer Rosalie O’Connor, now a renowned dance photographer, during my debut performance at the Met. My Romeo was Angel Corella and it was his debut as well; I remember both of us were so nervous but excited at the same time.

    The one and only Georgina Parkinson was our mentor, she was just simply brilliant and funny. I was completely spoiled being coached by a legend and partnering with the most exciting dancer at the time. Every performance is unique and exciting, but the process of working on the ballet was what I adored the most. I found the daily grind, the discipline, and patience were the key factors needed to mold our characters on and off stage. As a teacher now, I always try to instill in my dancers and students in their daily training.

    ABT is a very special place for me, after 18 years, my daughter Chloe is also a part of the ABT family. After attending six Summer Intensive programs and a year and half in ABT Studio Company, she is now an apprentice with the main Company. It is absolutely heartwarming to see her working, dancing and developing in the same studios where I worked for many years, especially working with all of the ballet masters who were my own colleagues and mentors.

    View More Photos of Chloe and Yan!

    Writing Prompt

    What is one skill or ability that you inherited from your mother or father?

    Funtime Friday

    ABT Souvenir Program Puzzle

    Today we return to the first 25 years of American Ballet Theatre. Each year ABT would create a beautiful souvenir program that theatre-goers could purchase to learn more about the ballets and their favorite dancers.

    See if you put all of the programs from 1940-1965 in order. Make sure you look at all of the beautiful artwork.

    Extra Credit

    American Ballet Theatre was original called Ballet Theatre in 1940 and over the first 25 years there were many small variations on the company’s name. Look closely at the programs and see if you can find the five different names that refer to the Company!

    ABT JKO School Virtual Classes

    @ABTSchool offers virtual classes taught by former ABT dancers, ABT JKO School faculty and ABT teaching artists – all certified in the ABT National Training Curriculum.

    These classes will engage ABT’s youngest students and their families, as well as the global community at large, by exploring musicality, fostering creativity and imagination, and teaching ballet fundamentals.

    Mon & Wed @2:00pm: Primary (Ages 5-8)
    Tue & Thu @10:00am: ABTots (Ages 2-4)

    Live @ABTSchoolYouTube Archive

    Photo: Richard Corman.