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February 25, 2004


American Ballet Theatre announced today a $400,000 Challenge Grant issued by Mr. Joseph A. Wilson, a commercial real estate developer from New Jersey.

Mr. Wilson initiated the $400,000 matching grant program to raise funds for American Ballet Theatre over the next two years. The Joseph A. Wilson Challenge Grant will match new or upgraded unrestricted donations to ABT up to $400,000 in 2004 and 2005, bringing its fundraising goal to $800,000 for the two years. Mr. Wilson has made an additional commitment of $200,000 for 2006, if the challenge is met. If all funds are matched, this Challenge will yield a total of $1.2 million for ABT.

Mr. Wilson, an ardent supporter of ABT for more than 40 years, said of his donation, “ABT is a vibrant institution, bringing the magic of dance to audiences across the nation. The remarkable perfection that ABT’s dancers bring to their craft is complemented by the hard work of many throughout the ABT organization whose passion for dance and for ABT has done much to advance the Company’s goals of artistic excellence, growth, and long-term strength and stability, I invite every audience member to make a commitment to the future of this Company, which has given so much to all of us."

ABT Board Chairman Lewis S. Ranieri said, “Joseph Wilson recognizes that it requires the participation of many generous and devoted people to bring the joy of dance to the world’s stages and classrooms, and we are deeply grateful for his support. Mr. Wilson’s Challenge Grant will help ABT in its mission to bring the very best in classical dance to the widest possible audience and will further broaden our base of support as we build upon our accomplishments in 2003 and prepare for an exciting 2004.”

For information on participating in the Joseph A. Wilson Challenge Grant, please call the ABT Development office at (212) 477-3030, extension 3242.

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