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Black Tuesday

Repertory Archive

Black Tuesday

Choreography by Paul Taylor
Music by Songs from The Great Depression
Set and Costumes by Santo Loquasto
Lighting by Jennifer Tipton

World Premiere

April 10, 2001
Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
Washington, D.C.

Jerry Douglas, Sean Stewart (Underneath the Arches)
Stella Abrera, Ethan Brown (There’s No Depression in Love)
Erica Fischbach, Brian Reeder (Slummin’ On Park Avenue)
Karin Ellis-Wentz (Sittin’ on a Rubbish Can)
Marcelo Gomes, Erica Cornejo, Elizabeth Gaither, Anne Milewski (Are You Making Any Money?)
Erica Cornejo (The Boulevard of Broken Dreams)
Marian Butler ((I Went Hunting) and the Big Bad Wolf Was Dead)
Ethan Stiefel (Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?)