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Offenbach in the Underworld

Repertory Archive

Offenbach in the Underworld

or Le Bar du Can Can

Choreography by Antony Tudor
Music by Jacques Offenbach (Gaîté Parisienne)
Musical Score Arranged by David Simon
Scenery and Costumes by Rene Bouche
Staged and Reconstructed by Donald Mahler (2002 Revival)
Assisted by Leslie Rotman (2002 Revival)
Music Arranged and Orchestrated by George Crum (2002 Revival)
Scenery and Costumes by Kay Ambrose (2002 Revival)
Lighting by Brad Fields (2002 Revival)

World Premiere

(first version)
Philadelphia Ballet Guild
May 8, 1954
Convention Hall
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Sylvia Kim, Viola Essen, Elaine Wilson, Michael Lland, Michael Lopuszanski, Maurice Phillips

World Premiere

(second version)
National Ballet of Canada
January 17, 1955
Palace Theatre
St. Catherine’s, Ontario, Canada

Lois Smith
David Adams, E. Kraul

ABT Premiere

April 18, 1956
Metropolitan Opera House
New York, New York

Ruth Ann Koesun (Debutante)
Nora Kaye (Operetta Star)
Lupe Serrano (Queen of the Carriage Trade)
Hugh Laing (Painter)
John Kriza (His Imperial Excellency)
Scott Douglas (Young Officer)

Revival Premiere

October 24, 2002
City Center
New York, New York

Nina Ananiashvili (The Operetta Star)
Ethan Brown (A Painter)
Stella Abrera (Queen of the Carriage Trade)
Marcelo Gomes (His Imperial Excellency)
Xiomara Reyes (A Debutante)
Carlos Lopez (The Young Officer)
Olga Dvorovenko (Madame la Patronne)