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Repertory Archive


Choreography by Jiří Kylián
Music by Leoš Janáček
Scenery and Costumes by Walter Nobbe
Lighting by Kees Tjebbes
Staged by Roslyn Anderson and Glenn Edgerton

World Premiere

Spoleto Festival Ballet Gala
Nederlands Dans Theater
June 9, 1978
Gaillard Municipal Auditorium
Charleston, South Carolina

Roslyn Anderson, Arlette van Boven, Alida Chase, Sabine Kupferberg, Susan McKee, Karen Tims, Eve Walstrum, Nils Christe, Eric Hamptom, Leigh Matthews, Ric McCullough, Eric Newton, Michael Sanders, Gerald Tibb

ABT Premiere

January 25, 1991
Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
Washington, D.C.

First Movement –
Wes Chapman, Jeremy Collins, Guillaume Graffin, Danilo Radojevic, Johan Renvall, Keith Roberts, Roger Van Fleteren

Second Movement –
Alessandra Ferri, Jeremy Collins, Wes Chapman, Cynthia Harvey, Guillaume Graffin, Roger Van Fleteren, Isabella Padovani, Keith Roberts, Victoria Pasquale, Johan Renvall

Third Movement –
Julie Kent, Keith Roberts, Kathleen Moore, Roger Van Fleteren, Christine Dunham, Wes Chapman

Fourth Movement –
Isabella Padovani, Johan Renvall, Victoria Pasquale, Danilo Radojevic

Fifth Movement –
Wes Chapman, Jeremy Collins, Alessandra Ferri, Roger Van Fleteren, Guillaume Graffin


According to program notes by Christian Harvey, supplied by the Netherlands Dance Theater:

“Jiří Kylián’s choreography is based absolutely and specifically on Janacek’s music which expresses ‘the contemporary free man, his spiritual beauty and joy, his strength, courage and determination to fight for victory.’  Working from so positive a concept, the ballet is a celebration of the sheer exhilaration of living, which follows the music in its joyous fusion of love, hope, youth and strength.  Janacek’s passionate score is complemented with dynamic authority and excitement, deeply felt folk dance elements, re-created through classical and contemporary techniques: a hallmark of most of Kylián’s work, it is a manifesto of sincerity and truth where words fail.”

Jiří Kylián has dedicated the choreography of Sinfonietta to his grandmother Stepanca Pestova.