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Voices of Spring

Repertory Archive

Voices of Spring

Choreography by Mikhail Mordkin
Music by Johann Strauss
Arranged by Mois Zlatkin
Libretto by Mikhail Mordkin
Scenery and Costumes by Lee Simonson

World Premiere

Mordkin Ballet
November 10, 1938
Alvin Theatre
New York, New York

Karen Conrad, Dimitri Romanoff, Nina Stroganova, Patricia Bowman, Savva Andreieff, Mikhail Mordkin

ABT Premiere

January 11, 1940
The Center Theatre
New York, New York

Karen Conrad (The Flirt), Dimitri Romanoff (Boy in Gray), Nina Stroganova (Flower Vendor), Patricia Bowman (The Toast of Vienna), Leon Danielian (Lamplighter), Edward Caton (General)