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Jean-Frey Rebel



Born in Paris in 1666, Jean-Fery Rebel, a violinist, harpsichordist, conductor, and composer, was the son of the singer Jean Rebel, a tenor in Louis XIV’s private chapel. A child violin prodigy, Rebel became, at the age of eight, one of his father’s most famous musical offspring. At 33, he was first violinist at the Academie Royale de Musique. In 1705, he was awarded a place in the king’s 24 Violins, the first of many court appointments.
Rebel also played an important role in the orchestra of the Academie Royale. His most important position at court was Chamber Composer, receiving the title in 1726. Also, at Versailles, he administered and directed the 24 Violins, and large groups formed for special productions and. He was chosen Maitre de Musique in 1716, and also conducted the Concert Spirituel during the 1734-35 season.
Greatly esteemed as a composer by his contemporaries, Mr. Rebel died in Paris, January 2, 1747, aged 80.