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Repertory Archive

Oleg Balitskiy


Oleg Balitskiy has worked at P.S. 21 in Chatham, New York, since 2018, where he assumed the role of Technical Director in the spring of 2020.  A self-taught multi-instrumentalist, Balitskiy studied music and audio engineering in New York City, and began working in event production at Columbia University where he strengthened his skills in audio and video editing, stage lighting, event planning, and customer service.

In 2017, Balitskiy moved to the Hudson Valley with a desire to contribute to the growing arts community and worked as a Production Theater Technician at various performing arts institutions including  P.S. 21, Lumberyard, Ulster Performing Arts Center, The Fisher Center, and Hudson Opera House, among others.  With a strong commitment to personal and professional growth, Balitskiy has devoted much of his time to learning leadership and management techniques while studying for technical certifications.  He also enjoys spending time with friends, being in nature, and writing and recording his own music.