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Ulysses Dove


Ulysses Dove, a native of Columbia, South Carolina, began studying dance at Boggs Academy in Georgia, continued studying modern dance and ballet during his college years and received his B.A. in dance from Bennington College. After school, Mr. Dove moved to New York City where he performed with the companies of Mary Anthony and Pearl Lang. In 1970 he received a scholarship at the Merce Cunningham School, and subsequently joined the Cunningham Company. In 1973 Anna Sokolow asked him to perform her classic Rooms. Having seen Mr. Dove’s performance, Alvin Ailey invited him to join his Company, where he quickly rose to Principal Dancer and in 1979 he made his choreographic debut. From 1980 – 1983 Mr. Dove was the Assistant Director of the Groupe de Recherche Choreographique de l’Opéra de Paris. A freelance choreographer since leaving the Paris Opéra, Dove has created works on ballet and modern dance companies throughout the world.

Ulysses Dove died in 1996.