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ABT News

October 15, 2008


New Manual from American Ballet Theatre
Offers Nutrition and Injury Prevention Advice
to Students, Parents and Dance Professionals

American Ballet Theatre announces the release of The Healthy Dancer: ABT Guidelines for Dancer Health. Published by Macfadden Performing Arts Media and compiled by the ABT Medical Advisory Board, chaired by Gary I. Wadler, M.D., FACP, FACSM, FACPM, FCPM, from the fields of sports medicine, nutrition, psychology, physical therapy and orthopedics, the 120-page manual is a set of comprehensive, easy-to-follow guidelines for the healthy, sound training for young dancers of all ages and disciplines, including expert advice on injury prevention, nutrition and health management. While the focus of The Healthy Dancer is ballet training, the advice is applicable to all types of dance and to the development of young athletes.

The Healthy Dancer: ABT Guidelines for Dancer Health will be instrumental in the development of young dancers and athletes,” said ABT Executive Director Rachel S. Moore. “In making this resource available to dancers, parents and educators, American Ballet Theatre is proud to take a leadership role in dance training and dance education in the United States.

American Ballet Theatre is recognized as one of the premier dance companies in the world. Directed since 1992 by former Principal dancer Kevin McKenzie, ABT performs nationally and internationally and has appeared in 131 cities in 42 countries, as well as in all 50 states, over the past 68 years. On April 27, 2006, by an act of Congress, ABT was named America’s National Ballet Company¬Æ.

The Healthy Dancer: ABT Guidelines for Dancer Health has been integrated into American Ballet Theatre’s National Training Curriculum, a program of ballet training for beginning through advanced level teachers. The Curriculum combines artistic training with the basics of dancer health and child development.

The Healthy Dancer: ABT Guidelines for Dancer Health is available for $19.95, plus shipping at

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