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(Serenade for Seven)

Choreography by Herbert Ross
Music by Leonard Bernstein (Serenade for Violin Solo, Strings and Percussion)
Libretto by Leonard Bernstein based on Plato's dialogue The Symposium
Scenery and Lighting by Jean Rosenthal
Costumes by Florence Klotz

World Premiere

(under the title Serenade for Seven)
American Ballet
June 13, 1959
Teatro Nuevo
Spoleto, Italy

Nora Kaye
Bambi Linn
Scott Douglas
Glen Tetley

United States Premiere

April 26, 1960
Metropolitan Opera House
New York, New York

Ady Addor
Nora Kaye
Christine Mayer
Scott Douglas
Royes Fernandez
Tommy Rall
Glen Tetley