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Frequently Asked Questions

ABT Studio Company

I would like to see ABT Studio Company onstage. What performances are coming up?

Please see our Performances page for a list of upcoming ABT Studio Company performances.

I am a presenter and am interested in engaging the Studio Company for a performance or tour. Whom should I speak to?

Presenters who are interested in engaging ABT Studio Company should contact the following:

For USA and Canada:  ABT Studio Company is represented by CAMI Music for bookings in North America. Please contact Theresa Vibberts at tvibberts@camimusic.com. Visit our CAMI page for more information.

For locations outside of USA and Canada: Please contact ABT Studio Company Managing Director Claire Florian at cflorian@abt.org to discuss international engagements.

How can I make a donation to ABT Studio Company or sponsor a Studio Company dancer?

To make a donation to the ABT Studio Company or sponsor a Studio Company dancer, please contact majorgifts@abt.org or call 212.466.3030 ext. 1108. For more information about ABT’s Dancer Sponsorship Program, please visit our Major Gifts page.

How many dancers are in ABT Studio Company?

Currently, there are 12 dancers in ABT Studio Company: 6 men and 6 women. For more information about the current dancers, please visit our Current Dancers page.

Do I have to go through the ABT Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School to be in ABT Studio Company?

No, it is not required. However, those who do come through the ABT JKO School have an advantage because they know the culture of ABT and how we work.

Does being in ABT Studio Company guarantee a spot in the main company of ABT?

No. However, nearly 80% of the current dancers in ABT have come through the Studio Company, including 9 Principal Dancers and 13 Soloists.

What does it cost to be in ABT Studio Company?

Dancers in ABT Studio Company are provided with full scholarships, stipends, and, in some cases, housing. Studio Company dancers do not pay a fee to participate.

How can I audition for ABT Studio Company?

ABT Studio Company accepts online submissions and offers an in-person, open audition each year. To learn more about auditioning for ABT, please visit our auditions page.

How old do I need to be in order to be considered for ABT Studio Company?

Dancers must be between the ages of 16 and 20.

What kind of training do I need in order to be considered for ABT Studio Company?

Dancers taken into ABT Studio Company are highly proficient in ballet and dancing at an advanced technical level.

Are international dancers eligible to audition for the Studio Company?

Yes, international dancers are eligible for ABT Studio Company. Assistance with arranging student visas is provided to accepted international dancers, and ABT Studio Company covers any costs associated with the visa process.

What performance opportunities do ABT Studio Company dancers have?

ABT Studio Company dancers have frequent opportunities to perform onstage. Specific performance engagements vary from year to year, but every season, ABT Studio Company has its own performances in New York City. Additional performances include domestic and international tours, performances at universities, exchanges with other ballet schools, and educational performances for schools in the local community.

Does ABT Studio Company perform with the main Company?

ABT Studio Company dancers perform The Nutcracker with the main Company, and are able to perform as supernumeraries during the Company’s Spring Season at the Metropolitan Opera House. ABT Studio Company has also performed at the Company’s Fall and Spring galas.

For how many years can a dancer be with ABT Studio Company?

Dancers are typically in ABT Studio Company for 1-2 years. Of course, there are always exceptions.

Who teaches ABT Studio Company classes?

For a list of ABT Studio Company faculty, please visit our Faculty page.

Do dancers in ABT Studio Company get individual attention?

ABT Studio Company is made up of 12 dancers—6 men and 6 women. Each dancer has an individualized plan and gets a lot of individual attention.

Are there separate men’s and women’s classes?

Yes. Men and women are separate for technique class two days per week and together four days per week. In addition, men and women are separated into variations and pointe classes several times per week.

What kinds of adjunct classes are available to ABT Studio Company members?

Other than their regular technique classes, pas de deux, variations/pointe classes and rehearsals, dancers in ABT Studio Company take classes in character, strength and conditioning, Pilates, dance history, acting, music and more.

What kinds of wellness services are provided for ABT Studio Company members?

ABT Studio Company members have access to in-house physical therapy services. Dancers also participate in a series of wellness workshops throughout the year. Topics explored include nutrition, injury prevention, stress management, and more. Dancers have access to a licensed clinical social worker who specializes in working with artists.

How do ABT Studio Company dancers continue their academic educations?

While full-time training and rehearsal hours do not permit dancers to attend traditional academic schools, many ABT Studio Company dancers pursue academic educations online, via home schooling, or at local evening classes. The ABT JKO School also facilitates supplemental tutoring for ABT Studio Company dancers in a variety of subjects including English-as-a-Second-Language, Math/Science and English/Humanities for those students who require additional help with their studies.