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ABT Student Examinations

ABT Student Examinations

The ABT Student Examinations are a graded evaluation system that enables ABT Certified Teachers to receive personalized, constructive feedback on their methods. Not only are the Student Examinations a useful tool for dance educators, but they provide feedback for participating students regarding their technique and artistry.

Benefits of Student Examinations

For Teachers

The ABT Student Examinations enable ABT Certified Teachers to improve their teaching methods by receiving feedback from an ABT Examiner. Presenting teachers will also receive a letter stating whether they have successfully achieved or maintained their Affiliate Teacher status.

Affiliate Teachers who present students for three consecutive successful sessions of exams will achieve the level of distinction of ABT NTC Fellow. Explore the current list of ABT NTC Affiliate Teachers and ABT NTC Fellows below.

Further, to earn eligibility to participate in the highest level of the ABT NTC Teacher Training Intensives (Level 6, 7, and Partnering), ABT NTC Level 5 Certified Teachers are required to successfully present their students for exams.

For Students:

ABT Student Examinations benefit students by serving as a skill assessment to document students’ progress, build their confidence, and improve their training. Each participating student receives an individual rubric outlining his/her proficiency both technically and artistically with comments from the Examiner. Students who successfully pass the exam will also receive an official certificate listing the level of the examination class they took along with their level of distinction. The four levels of distinction are Pass, Pass with Merit, Pass with Honors, and Pass with High Honors.

ABT Affiliate TeachersABT NTC Fellows

Student Examinations Details

Request Examinations

To request an examination, ABT Certified Teachers may fill out a 2020 ABT Student Examination Request Form online. You must complete a request form at least three months prior to the exam, or four months prior if the exam will take place outside the United States. A $100 deposit is required for all ABT Student Examination requests. Detailed information about the cost of examination is listed in the Exam Fees section below.

Request an Exam
Prepare for Examinations

The presenting school must email [email protected] with the following information no less than four weeks prior to the scheduled examination:

  • List of candidates’ names and photos in accordance with ABT Student Examination Guidelines. Candidates should be ordered by height.
  • Outline of the classes being presented (Sample Class Outline provided upon request).
  • Master input sheet with candidates’ names, dates of birth and ages on the date of the exam.

The presenting teacher must provide the Examiner with printed copies of class plans and student lists on the day of the exam.


Conduct Examinations

The examination class is conducted by the ABT Certified Teacher. The examination class must follow the appropriate 2020 ABT Student Examination Guidelines for each ABT NTC level in which the presenting teacher is certified. The prepared class should focus on correct alignment, placement, coordination, musicality, technique, port de bras, and artistic presentation demonstrated with basic, clear combinations. Students must have the examination class memorized.

Examination Fees & Costs

The table below lists the requirements for each ABT Student Examination by level:


Primary A, B & C 1-hour class $55 $325 15
Level 1A & 1B 1-hour class $60 $350 15
Level 2A & 2B 1.25-hour class $65 $350 15
Level 3A & 3B 1.75-hour class $75 $450 12
Levels 4A/4B, 5A/5B 2-hour class $80 $500 12
Levels 6 and 7 2-hour class $90 $550 10

Please note that class cost is determined by the number of students presented unless that amount does not exceed the minimum class fee, in which case the minimum class fee will be reflected on the invoice.


Additional exam fees that will be booked by the ABT Student Examination Coordinator and invoiced to the school include:

  • Transportation costs for the examiner such as airfare, train fare, or mileage costs if driving.
  • Transportation fee of $50.00 USD to cover expenses of examiner traveling from home to local airport, etc.
  • Per diem as exceeds New York City rate.
Master Classes

Presenting schools may request a Master Class from their Examiner following the exam. Master classes are taught by the Examiner and provide reinforcement for his/her feedback, benefitting both the presenting teacher and the participating students.

Master classes should be for the levels that were presented for NTC Student Exams and are offered exclusively for the students of the presenting school. Master classes may only take place after the Examiner has adjudicated all Student Examinations. It is encouraged that presenting teachers observe the class.

The Master Class details are listed below by level:


Level Class Length Class Fee Max # Students Cost per additional student
Levels 1-2 (age 8+) 1 hour $200 for 1 hour 25 $15
Level 3 (age 10+) 1.5 hours $275 for 1.5 hours 25 $20
Levels 4-5 (age 12+) 1.5 hours $275 for 1.5 hours 25 $20
Levels 6-7 (age 14+) 2 hours $350 for 2 hours 25 $25

All fees will be included in the Student Examinations Invoice.

When booking a master class, please advise whether there will be live accompaniment or if a CD player/iPod will be available. If a CD player/iPod is available, please provide an assistant to help facilitate the music.

Examination Evaluation

Each ABT Student Examination is observed and assessed by a member of the ABT National Training Curriculum Artistic Board of Examiners. The Artistic Board of Examiners is committed to providing constructive, personalized feedback to presenting teachers and participating students. Learn more about each of our Examiners below.

Artistic Board of Examiners

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Cynthia Harvey

Artistic Director, National Training Curriculum

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